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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bridal Jewelry Set 8

It has been a while since my last updates! Gosh!! It's now March 2011, and it's going to be a special month  for my family, as we are going to have a new member pretty soon. I'll be off for two month  from now on, just before that... I'm going to upload some photos of custom made orders I've  done  and  delivered for  the past few month. 

And here's a set I've made for Sarah from Florida, US. A set of bridal necklace & earrings made with Swarovski pearls and crystals in cream, a colour to match her champagne colour wedding gown.

For bridesmaids

Bridal Jewelry Set 7

A simple set custom made for Susan ROM. Made with Swarovski pearls and crystal in white, this set has the same design as Creamy Swarovski pearls but this is in white instead :))

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something special... wedding customization

This hair pin and bracelet was made for Karen, whom is getting married in Germany.  She wanted a hair pin with something blue, following English wedding tradition something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.   It's a totally new challenge to me when I got this special request, a hair pin for wedding!! Something I've not done before and have no idea how to start with. After few trial and error, I've finally succeed in making her a hair pin with Swarovski white pearls and complete with few Swarovski crystal bicones in light blue.

 A bracelet made with Swarovsi pearls and bicones (Icy's design).

When Venn show me a photo of her wedding gown and ask me whether I can custom make a bellt and  cuff similiar to Johanna Johnson's design, I told her it's possible provided she can get the rhinestones. So far I hardly see these type of rhinestones in Malaysia market. After searching around material shops in Klang Valley, we came to a conclusion to use  pearls, crystal and seed beads instead of rhinestones.

Luck is on Venn's side, on her trip to Hong Kong, she actually found these rhinestones in various sizes and shape which is just perfect to make her vintage inspired accessories. The important mission was on me as how to assemble these rhinestones together to create a belt and cuff. Another challenging job as I'm not so good with sewing.  Moreover, after deciding the design, I had to carefully sew the rhinestones onto a tulle, a fine netting which is easily breaks.

Here's the result.....after few weeks of hard work :))

I've also made a pair of matching earrings for her with the balance rhinestones.


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