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All the jewelry and trinkets listed in MOLECULE are handmade with love by me. I normally produce only 1 piece per design. Item which is mark as adopted means it has been sold. However, some design can be remake, kindly refer to :[ REMAKE POSSIBLE ]: . If you see something you like in Molecule and would like to adopt it, kindly send an email to me at molecule2u{at}
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Darling Angel

A lot of friends like My Angel handphone's charm very much, here you are gals ... more darling Angels.... Hope these angels brings loves & lucks whenever you are and whatever you do ";" .

Material: Moonstone,
Czech leaves glass beads,
Czech morning glory beads,
swarovski bicones,
rhinestone spacer.

fee to adopt Darling Angel: RM 15

Blue Skirt Angel (Adopted)

Purple Skirt Angel (Adopted)

Red Skirt Angel (Adopted)

Green Skirt Angel (Adopted)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

About pearls

I was chit chatting with Louise the other days. She was browsing through my latest handmade jewelry, and start asking me about the type of pearls I use for my design. I start thinking...ya...I need to understand more about pearls.

Pearl is made up of calcium carbonate produced within the soft tissue of a living shell. The ideal pearl has perfect round shape and smooth surface, however many other shapes of pearls are more common.

Adding pearls elements to jewelry design creating classic elegance to contemporary style. There are numerous type of pearls use for beading and jewelry design today.

1. Natural Pearls -very rare and most valuable, classified as gemstone

1.1. Salt water pearls

1.2. Fresh water pearls

2. Cultured or farm pearls - widely use in jewelry design today.

2.1. Akoya pearls - first cultered salt water pearls, originally cream white colour

2.2. Black pearls / Tahitian pearls - salt water pearls, originally black in colour

2.3. Fresh water pearls - popular choice due to it's cost

3. Faux pearls - appear in variety of size, shape and colours, hence more flexible in design.

3.1. Swarovski® Crystal Pearls - from Austria, highest quality

3.2. Bohemian Pearls - from Czech Republic

3.3. Hemalyke Magnetic Pearls

3.4. Acrylic Pearls

The above are only some of the information I gather, feel free to drop me comments ya!

Royal Purple (Adopted)

I receive good comments on my earlier earring design - Clare. Glad to hear that many people like it very much. Here comes another earring similar to Clare, I name it Royal Purple.

Code: E09013

Material: Swarovski Bicones & pearls,
Silver plated earring hook & findings
Measurement: 6cm long incl hook

How to purchase genuine Swarovski Crystal Beads

How to Purchase Swarovski Crystal Beads Online

I've earlier shared about how Swarovski Crystals are made. Some of you may ask, are those crystal genuine from Swarovski? There may be companies that sell fake Swarovskis.

From my experience, always buy from reknown beading shop, check out for "Swarovski Create-Your-Style partner" in your area. Each type of swarovski crystal (size, shape etc) has it's code and the price is standard. Should you found the price goes very far cheaper, it could be a fake one.

Here are tips we may follow when buying Swarovski Crystal Beads.
  • Swarovski crystals are sold by bulk (usually 10 gross), and not on string. Those that are sold on string will not be genuine crystals. They are sealed in quality envelopes, with the name, "Crystalized."
  • Most Swarovski crystals that are crafted in Austria.
  • Genuine crystal will not have any bubbles. The facets should be all facing in different directions. Almost appear as 3-D to the our eyes.
  • Swarovski crystals' luster should outshine other crystals and beads.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Angel

My angle follows me wherever I go, to love me, care for me.... thank you so much........ my darling angle....

Cute Angel (E09012)

Cute Angle was addopted before I post it, thanks Louise for your support.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Okie...... enough of rose series for the moment. Here come Greenie, handmade and added with love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry. I found this daisy motif lace in one of a mini mini shop in Serdang while having my lunch there. Simply can't believe they have such a variety of lovely laces and ribbons available. Don't jurge a book by it's cover, the amount of choices can compete with those renown craft shop in KL.

Code: E09011
Material: Black Daisy Lace,
czech bicones and beads,
silver plated hooks and findings
Measurements: 7.8cm

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jessie (Adopted)

This is my most satisfied handmade earring piece in rose series so far, added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry. Rugged inspired, red roses are not just for romance, it has it's own unique character - sharp and outstanding!!


Material: Handmade polymer clay flower in Red,
Red Swarovski bicones, antique Silver charms,
silver plated earring hook and findings.

Measurement: 9.8cm long including hook

Julie (Adopted)

So many earrings!!! Okie okie here come the necklace. Julie is made with my favourite colour's rose. Added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry.

Code: N09001
Materials: Handmade polymer clay rose in peach pink,
Swarovski bicones in Pink,
Czech glass tear drop,
Antique Copper filingree and chain.
Measures: 43cm for chain

RM 29

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lynn (Adopted)

Some friends told me they like roses series with silver earring findings. Here you are, Lynn has been added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry. Lynn is cheerful as yellow roses are for happiness and friendship. Lovely, isn't it?

Material: Handmade polymer clay roses in yellow,
lovely acrylic pearl, tear drop mother of pearl.
Measurement: 6cm incl hook.

Amy (Adopted)

Added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry, Amy is vintage and mysterious. Ladies, it will will look stunning with casual jeans, feminine with plain dress :p

Material: Handmade polymer clay roses in red,
czech glass tear drop in cafe black,
antique copper ring and earring hook.
Measurement: 6cm incl hook

RM 18
(click here to order)

Swarovski Crystal

I love to use Swarovski Crystal for my jewelry design. Out of curiosity, I search through the web to find out more about them. Sharing here are some of the knowledge I gain.

Founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 as a family business, it has since grow to a brand name today. They are the finest quality man-made crystal in the world as far as I know. Every single piece of crystal is so finely produce, its appearance and shimmering capabilities has the same characteristics as diamonds.

How Swarovski Crystals are made?

Man-made from natural minerals and pure quartz sand, they are combined and fired for an undisclosed period of time. Once removed from firing, they go through a very slow cooling process. The slow cooling process reduces flaws and imperfections in the final product.

These specialty crystals have a lead content of 32% which enables them to be categorized as full lead crystal. Lead was then added in order to maximize refraction, thus creating a better quality crystal. Chemical coatings are used to create the many different colors of the crystals. Clear crystals are more difficult to produce since they must be without impurities. Even though lead is a known toxin, the wearing of crystal jewelry containing lead does not pose any health risks.

The crystals are cut using a special cutting machine designed by Daniel Swarovski. This machine is able to cut crystals into as much as 100 mirrored facets in various directions. Hence, allowing light refraction to creating brilliant prisms and colors.

The direction of which the crystals are cut are determined by computer. They are cut using the same precision-cutting process in which diamonds are cut. Special metallic coatings may be painted on the crystals to capture a full spectrum of rainbow colors, and later polish to finish.

How Is Swarovski Crystal Made?
By China Zmuida, eHow Editor

Cassie (Adopted)

Cassie is so darling classy that it will definitely an earring to complements your cocktail party dress.
** A good match with black dress, try it and you will love it. 'v'


Material: Polymer clay rose in yellow ,
Czech crystal in gold,
gold plated chain and earring hook.
Measurement: 9cm incl. earring hook.

RM 18 (Adopted -remake possible)
(click here to order)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More roses to come

Roses are indeed my favourite flowers. It's a symbol of love and romance. I love it's fragrants that is so relaxing and calming.
It's so nice when I add these rose elements to my jewelry designs, and I just kept adding more and more to molecule Handmade Jewelry ...

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is one one my favourite earring so far. Soft and feminine, goes well with dress and skirts.

Material: Handmade polymer clay rose,
fresh water pearls,
mother of pearls,
gold-filled earring hook,
non-tarnish artistic wire
Measurement: 5.7 cm including earring hook
** note that I've change the findings to gold filled & artistic wire instead of gold plated; which is better & lasting. Molecule strives to give the best and continuous to improve is the mission.

RM 25

(old version)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This lovely pink swarovski heart shape beads and silver mini ribbon make this piece a perfect feminine earrings.

Code: E09005 (Adopted)
Material: Swarovski 10mm heart shape pendent,
silver ribbon,
silver plated earring hook.
Measures 3.6cm long including earring hook.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This cherry quartz stones is soooo......juicy and sweet!!!

Code:B09007 (Adopted)
Made from mother of pearl butterfly charm,
cherry quartz stone,
fresh water pearl,
14K gold plated toggle and findings.
Mesures 18.5 cm in length.

Sofie & Blunnis

Pearl is believed to be the birthstone of June, so I've design two bracelet with these darling pearl. Stay tune for more design to come!

Code: B09006 (Adopted)
Made of lamp work beads,
fresh water pearls,
pink cat eyes,
mother of pearl tear drop bead,
silver plated findings and chain.

Measures 18cm with 3cm extension chain

Code: B09005 (Adopted)

Made of light blue butterfly acrylic bead,
Light blue oval shape cat eye,
fresh water pearl,
silver plated flower spacer and toggle,
rhodium plated chain.
Measures 19.5cm including toggle


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