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All the jewelry and trinkets listed in MOLECULE are handmade with love by me. I normally produce only 1 piece per design. Item which is mark as adopted means it has been sold. However, some design can be remake, kindly refer to :[ REMAKE POSSIBLE ]: . If you see something you like in Molecule and would like to adopt it, kindly send an email to me at molecule2u{at}
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Metallic Babe (Adopted)

Woman today are multitask, to balance between career and family is never easy. Hence, we must make sure we are always in tip top condition. Metallic Babe will be the right earring to bring up your professional & sophisticated personality, be it day time at work or during casual outing at night.

Metallic Babe (E09020)

Material : Swarovski pearls in metallic grey,
glass tear drop beads,
silver metallic mesh ribbon,
925 Sterling Silver earring hook,
non-tarnish artistic craft wire.
Measurement: 6cm long incl hook

RM 19
(click here to order)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tips on how to take care of your jewelry

Costume jewelry is nevertheless a must have fashion accessories in every girl's closet. Most of us have a lot of fashion jewelry to suit our different attire. However, some of you may claim that costume jewelry do not last, as the colour may change, stones and crystal may get scratches etc. In order to keep your lovely jewelry in tip top condition, here are some tips which you may refer to.
1. Put on your jewelry AFTER applying perfume, hairspray, hand lotion and make up.

2. When you are doing a lot of washing or housework, remember to remove your jewelry first.

3. Always store your jewelry in individual container or compartment.

4. Do not mix jewelry made from different metal as they tense to oxidise. eg: silver plated jewelry cannot be keep together with gold plated jewelry.

5. It's a good practice to clean your jewelry with a piece of clean cloth everytime after wearing and before keeping it in your jewelry box.

6. Keeping your jewelry individually in an organza pouch bags is highly recommended.
You may also keep them in zip log bag.

It's always nice to have all your earring display on the hanger, but just beware of the hanger's material as it may cause your earring hook to oxidised. (** my personal advise, do not hang 925 white sterling silver earring on this hanger as it will cause the earring to turn dark).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forest Green (Adopted)

Lately I'm keep exploring into green colour, not sure why, it wasn't my favourite colour indeed. Maybe it's due to mysterious feel that green project to me. I always imagine myself walking in a deep green forest, where mind and vision is clear and fresh. Hearing voices of the interacting insects, soothing sound effect by the gentle river water ripple..... Oh my.... the embrace of mother nature is so great and relaxing.

Forest Green (B09012)
Materials: Green Handmade lampwork beads
in various size and pattern,
Olive Green Czech glass leaf ,
Olive green Swarovski crystals,
Antique Copper plated findings and chain.

Measurement: 17 cm long with 3cm extension chain.
(Find out how to get your bracelet size here)

RM 28 (Adopted)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nostalgic Cape Town

Making this bracelet brought back a lot of memories from South Africa. I was very fortunate to be part of a Siddhartha The Musicals Troupe, where we were invited to perform in 3 different city in South Africa back in 2002. Together with the Troupe, I've traveled from Johannesburg to Durban and Cape Town. To me, Cape Town is probably the best city and among the three; till today I can still remember very clearly its beautiful scenery, cultures, peoples, arts, flea markets and many more.

One good afternoon after our performance, few of us troupe member decided browse around Cape Town's most famous flea market, Greenmarket Square. Before we could even shop for anything, a beggar appear in front of us. Without thinking twice, we run for our life. Why we run, simply because we were advise earlier to stay away from them, to prevent any unnecessary troubles. The beggar kept chasing us till we stop inside a craft shop nearby. That's where I got few vintage jewelry and accessories, one of them is this lovely charm. Thanks to the poor beggar, if it wasn't him, I wouldn't have found so many treasure there.

Therefore, I name this bracalet Nostalgic Cape Town. It's a limited edition item in Molecule's Collection. From tomorrow onwards, a new owner will take care of it. I'm glad that she is my best pal found in my South Africa de tour. Louise, may this bracalet and our sweet memories of South Africa be with you forever.~♥♡♥~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Turquoise Babe

Turquoise Babe was adopted by Sim, a passionate professional dancer. Looking back at our sweet old days when we dance, play and travel together.... wow.... 10 years has pass since we know each other. Hope this pair of turquoise earring will bring her lucks and loves as she continue to shine in her dance career.

Turquoise Babe (E09019)
Made from Turquoise gem stones,
silver plated findings and beads.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Molecule were reviewed

Yeah!!! Molecule were reviewed by Little Accompaniments today. Daisy (E070902) was the selected item. Thank you once again Little Accompaniments!

Comments by Little Accompanisment: Oooh! Two of my fav colours in an earring combi!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


As a girl, I always wanted my skin to look fairer, therefore I'm careful when come to choosing the right colour for my clothing as well as accessories. From my experience, blueish green look good on my asian tan skin. Needless to say you will look very refreshing by wearing it if your skin is fair.
Therefore, added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry Collection, a bracelet made of high-quality medium Teal color (in between green & light blue) handmade Lampwork beads.

Tinna (B09010) - Adopted
Measurement: 18cm long

I've also made a pair of matching earring for Tinna, it'll be lovely to wear them together.

Tinna Earring (E09018)
Measurement: 5cm long including earring hook.
RM 12
(click here to order)

Material: Teal colour lampwork beads,
Antique silver spacer, charms and toggle,
Silver plated earring hook.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do I measure my bracelet size

Notice that each bracelet made at Molecule Handmade Jewelry has a measurement stated below it's photo. To know whether you need any extension or reduction needed for the bracelet you'll like to purchase; just follow the simple steps below. You will need a measuring tape for this exercise.

  1. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist.
  2. Add 1.5cm to 3.0cm according to personal preference.
  3. Check your measurement here to know your bracelet size.

Bracelet SizeLength

For example:

My wrist measurement is 13.5cm

I add in 3cm become 16.5cm so that the bracelet can move loosely around my wrist.

This bracelet is 17.5cm long, S size

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rosie Earring (Adopted)

Love this sweet little earring. I was admiring Rosie necklace yesterday night, it's going to be adopted soon, so I thought of making a pair of matching earring. It is kept very simple to enhance to beauty of Rosie, a sweet perfect match. *v*

Rosie Earring (E09017)

Materials: 8mm Fresh water pearls,
Swarovski crystals,
gold plated findings
Measurement: 3.5cm long incl earring hook

RM 12 (remake possible)
(click here to order)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Enchanted (Adopted)

Inspired by Giselle from Walt Disney picture "Enchanted", the classical romance fairy tale character. To me, she carried herself very well. The image and all her dress are so elegant and gorgeous, definitely every mans dream lover.
Made with love just for you, innocent white rose with light pink's bud added to olive green glass beads and cream rose colour's pearls. Enchanted........

Enchanted (B09009)

Materials: Fresh water pearls,
olive green Czech beads and leaf,
handmade polymer clay rose,
gold plated findings.
Measurement: 18cm long with 3.5cm extension chain.
(Click here for measurement guide)


Material: Crystal beads,
white daisy lace,
glass teardrops,
silver plated findings
Measurement: 6cm long incl earring hook

RM 15
(click here to order)


These brass metallic 3D rose beads are so cool. Studded together with butterflies on the lovely charms. Urban secret garden inspired, rugged yet feminine.

Ella (E09015)
Material: Brass rose beads,
Antique silver charms,
czech glass leaf beads,
Silver plated earring hook.
Measurement: 6cm incl earring hook.

RM 18 (2 adopted, remake possible)
(click here to order)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rosie Necklace ( 2 Adopted)

Remember the English rose inspired bracelet, Rosie?It has been highly praise since adopted by Louise. Many people ask me for whether there's remakes. Good news that the limited edition lampwork beads are still available at the bead shop, so I'm going to grab it before it's gone.

So ladies... stay tune for my new design. Meanwhile, I've made a matching necklace for Rosie.

Code: N09002

Material: Limited Edition English Rose Lamp work Beads,
Swarovski Pearls,
Non Tarnish Artistic Wires in champagne colour,
Gold Plated Closure.
Length: 43cm

Friday, July 3, 2009

Custom Made

This pair of earring is made specially for Sam, to bring out her feminine career women personalities. Hope she likes it.

New Angel Member

Two more member has joined the Darling Angel family, both adopted. However, custom made are still possible.




Olive was created last month but somehow or rather I've miss out posting it. Anyway, she was adopted yesterday. Made from antique gold flower spacer, Swarovski crystal & pearls; Olive is made for ladies who likes classic and vintage.



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