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All the jewelry and trinkets listed in MOLECULE are handmade with love by me. I normally produce only 1 piece per design. Item which is mark as adopted means it has been sold. However, some design can be remake, kindly refer to :[ REMAKE POSSIBLE ]: . If you see something you like in Molecule and would like to adopt it, kindly send an email to me at molecule2u{at}
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crystal Clear

Approaching last few minutes of 2009. Let's clear away all the unpleasant memories of the pass, however take this as a good lesson towards a better tomorrow. Let's start our New Year with a crystal clear mind!

Crystal Clear (E09099)

Materials: Swarovski bicones in clear,
Glass Crystal in Clear,
Antique Silver plated bead caps
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~3.8cm (l) x 1.0cm (w)

RM 12 (adopted, remake possible)
(click here to order)

Also available in 4 other colours

Crystal Clear (E09100)

Crystal Clear (E09101)

Crystal Clear (E09102)

Adopted, remake possible

Crystal Clear (E09103)

Adopted, remake possible

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Elisabeth (E09098)
Materials: Swarovski bicones in black,
Swarovski crystals in black
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~4.8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w)

RM 25
(click here to order)


Elisabeth (E09097)

Materials: Swarovski bicones in crystal copper,
Swarovski pearls in gold
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~4.8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w)

RM 25
(click here to order)


Elisabeth (E09096)
Materials: Swarovski bicones in AB Clear,
Swarovski pearls in white
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~4.8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w)


Elisabeth (E09095)
Materials: Swarovski bicones in crystal black diamond,
Swarovski pearls in light grey
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~4.8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w)


Custom order from Jocelyn to make a cross earrings for her good friend as Christmas present. This pair of earrings was made using Swarovski bicones and pearls. I've made 5 colours with the same design for her to choose, and Crystal golden shadow is her choice.

Elisabeth (E09094)
Materials: Swarovski bicones in crystal golden shadow,
Swarovski pearls in bronze pearl
Rhodium plated earring hooks.

Measurement: ~4.8cm (l) x 2.5cm (w)

Jo's Custom order for Christmas

Many thanks for Jo for your trust and support to Molecule's handmade.

Pei's Custom Order for Christmas

Special thanks to Pei for making Molecule's handmade your choice this season of give and love.

Lampwork beads bracelet with fresh water pearls strung together using non tarnish artistic wire (B09052)

Elisabeth Cross Earrings

My Angel hand phone Charms

Metal Bookmarks

Friday, December 25, 2009

Eve's Custom Order for Christmas

Thanks to Eve for choosing Molecule's handmade bookmarks and earrings as Christmas gifts to your families and friends.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Busy But Meaningful Month For Molecule

It has been a busy month for me and Molecule. I got a last minute invitation from Abby and Felicia to join Gemilang Art & Craft in Time Square for the entire Dec. My initial plan is to come out with some new design for Art For Grabs X'mas Special bazaar. As Abby's company got a big booth (aka a cottage) at lower ground floor, I thought it's a good exposure for Molecule Handmade Jewelry too.

Some of you may be wondering what we have to offer at our booth at Time Square. Well, we have original art work from few local Naive artist including Abby, Felicia, Benny, Ghee. Besides Painting on Canvas, they also convert their creative art into collectable items like greeting cards, hand painted t-shirts, stone arts, bookmarks and jewelry box.

Few of us take turns to take care of our booth. It's a long hour work, form 10am - 10p.m. I didn't bring my beading material there as they are too heavy and I still prefer working at my cozy beading corner at home. Luckily, my fellow artist friends made good company and we have lot's of fun chit-chatting. Not forgetting some painting tips and technique I gain from them, as well as new inspirations to come out with a series of illustrations for Molecule. I'm still working on these illustrations and will be launch once it's matured.

Our stay at Time Square has been extended till 27th December 2009. Please feel free to drop by to Berjaya Time Square, Lower Ground Floor anytime.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Art For Grabs Xmas Special

Another exciting Art Bazaar in December! For those who's not familiar with this, Art For Grabs was held on 12 - 13 Dec 09 at Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Molecule and Jocelyn (Chierr Diary)'s booth was located under the staircase in Hall 2. Joining us were 2 handmade soft toy artisan - Emily (I Love Unique Gift) and June (Little Frens.) The experience from previous bazaar in September enable us to have a better planning for our booth . T o make full use of the 5' x 5' booth, my handmade jewelries were displayed on the table, Jocelyn's illustrations, Mierr and photo frames were on the wall and a side table for the Emily's and June's soft toys .

Although the traffic wasn't as great as the one in September, our total sales were satisfactory, infact better than previous bazaar. Some people have feedback to us that they are able to browse and appreciate all the handmade stuff more comfortably as the hall was not so crowded. Further more, there are more chance to chit chat with the artisan in person and I believe this was an important factor that leads to sales increment.

To me, Art For Grabs is very different from other commercial bazaar. Besides displaying beautiful art and handmades, most artisan like us will make an effort to decorate our booth. Therefore, visitor will definately have an eye opening shopping experience there. For those who have missed this bazaar, don't worry as it will be held tentatively in March 2010. Do stay tune for more updates ya~

Our Booth Setting

Some of our interesting neighbour

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nan Yang Press Feature

Molecule's DIY column for December is up today! Featuring in this article is Swarovski crystal's necklace, a bling bling jewelry piece that will definately make you look gorgeous this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wings Earrings

Wings (E09093)
Materials: Turqoise beads
Swaroski pearls in cream,
antique bronze wing charms
Antique brass coated earring hooks.

Measurement: 6.5cm including earring hook

Adopted, no more remake.

Custom Made Earrings with 1970's Theme

This piece of earring does not look like my usual design. This piece was made specially for Cathy,
to match with a blue dress she's going to wear to a dinner and dance with 1970's theme. I choose to use a pair of electric blue feather as it's Disco era, so you'll be able to rock and roll, without any burden of heavy accessories hanging on your ears while moving your body.

Rock And Roll (E09092)

Rosie Purple

Rosie Purple is the last piece of bracelet in my Rosie Series, as these lovely vintage English roses beads are no more available at the beads shop. It was adopted during Art For Grabs Xmas Special, by an elegant lady as a Christmas gift to her dear colleague. To the new owner of Rosie Purple, may Rosie Purple be part of your jewelry box and make you look more elegant whenever you wear it.

Rosie Purple (B09051)
Materials: Lampwork beads,
Swaroski pearls in pink,
Purple cat eye beads,
bracelet closure, link & chain is handmade with non-tarnish artistic wire.
(Artistic wire is a well-known brand for jewelry wire with the
highest quality and its colour has been proven to be non-tarnish)

Measurement: 18cm
(click here to check your bracelet size)

Art For Grabs Xmas Special

Hello dear Molecule's supporters and craft lovers, don't miss out the upcoming Art Bazaar this weekends!
This arts & crafts bazaar will gather 50 stalls of creative, cute & cheery stuff, including 8 stalls of Burmese refugees’ crafts. Whats more, every item on sale there will be under RM100 each!

Date: Sat 12 & Sun 13 Dec 2009
Time: 12pm to 8pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery,
2nd Floor,
Central Market Annexe,
Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel & Fax: +603-2070 1137
Admission Free, except where indicated

Don't forget to drop by my little booth located at Hall 2 (Main entrance hall), underneath the staircase.


Carolina (B09048)

Materials: White coral beads,
Acrylic turquoise colour beads,
Antique brass toggle and charm

Measurement: 19 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)

(click here to order)


Bright sugar like glass beads bracelet made specially for sweet girl out there.

Crystalika (B09049)
Materials: Various glass beads,
antique gold toggle.

Measurement: 17.5 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)


Pure (B09047)
Materials: White coral beads,
Antique Silver metal beads,
Antique silver coated toggle & bird charm

Measurement: 19 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)



This piece of bracelet is made from natural coral in red and white. I just love it's sharp combination~

Carol (B09046)
Materials: Red coral nugget beads,
White coral beads,
antique brass bead caps, charm and toggle.
Measurement: 18 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)

(click here to order)

Love Love Love

These heart shape 3D charms are perfect for bracelet design. No mater how to twist and turn your hand, they will stay nicely on your hand. By just some combining some Czech crystal beads, this simple bracelet will sure to bring out your style with any casual attire.

Love Love Love (B09050)
3D hammered heart platinum plated pewter beads
Czech fire polish glass beads,
Silver plated chain and toggle
Measurement: 18 cm including toggle
heart shape metal beads measures 14mm (L) & 14mm (W)
(click here to know your bracelet size)



Another bracelet designs using antique brass materials, instead of pearls, I use mother of peals for this design.

Wings (B09045)
Materials: Off white mother of pearls,
antique brass chains, charms and toggle.

Measurement: 18 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)

(click here to order)


Off white pearls goes well with antique brass, giving a soft effect to this piece of heavy metal bracelet.

Wings (B09044)

Materials: Off white fresh water pearls,
antique brass chains, charms and toggle.

Measurement: 18 cm including toggle
(click here to know your bracelet size)

(click here to order)

Custom made Wire Work Bracelet

I always admire wire work jewelry artisan, they just utilize plain craft wire and few beads, with some creativity, a beautiful jewelry piece can be created. Last week, my mom requested me to make a matching bracelet for her new green blouse. Haha...this is a great opportunity for me to explore into wirework. I choose green lampwork beads and champagne colour artistic wire for this bracelet as my mom like something simple.

To make it more complete, I made a pair of matching earrings too with the same materials and gold filled earring hooks.


Custom Made Bracelet for Venn (B09042)

Louise requested to make a bracelet similar to Nostalgic Cape Town for her friend, Venn. Sometimes it's not possible to remake a new piece that is 100% the same as before, it depends on the availability of materials. For this design, It took me some time searching for the green octagon beads as in my earlier design, unfortunately, non of the bead shops in Klang Valley has it. Finally, I decided to replace it with black colour Swarovski instead of green. As for the chain, instead of gold plated that easily get tarnish, I created it with non-tarnish artistic wire.


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