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Sunday, June 21, 2009

About pearls

I was chit chatting with Louise the other days. She was browsing through my latest handmade jewelry, and start asking me about the type of pearls I use for my design. I start thinking...ya...I need to understand more about pearls.

Pearl is made up of calcium carbonate produced within the soft tissue of a living shell. The ideal pearl has perfect round shape and smooth surface, however many other shapes of pearls are more common.

Adding pearls elements to jewelry design creating classic elegance to contemporary style. There are numerous type of pearls use for beading and jewelry design today.

1. Natural Pearls -very rare and most valuable, classified as gemstone

1.1. Salt water pearls

1.2. Fresh water pearls

2. Cultured or farm pearls - widely use in jewelry design today.

2.1. Akoya pearls - first cultered salt water pearls, originally cream white colour

2.2. Black pearls / Tahitian pearls - salt water pearls, originally black in colour

2.3. Fresh water pearls - popular choice due to it's cost

3. Faux pearls - appear in variety of size, shape and colours, hence more flexible in design.

3.1. Swarovski® Crystal Pearls - from Austria, highest quality

3.2. Bohemian Pearls - from Czech Republic

3.3. Hemalyke Magnetic Pearls

3.4. Acrylic Pearls

The above are only some of the information I gather, feel free to drop me comments ya!

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