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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Custom made for Benny - 《Flying With Dreams》

Would you like to have a pair of custom made earrings to match your personality or an outfit for a special occasion? You've came to the right place. MOLECULE's mission is to bring out the beauty of each of everyone you, as I believe that every woman is special and we all deserve to look gorgeous. If you need a custom made, just send me a photo of you or the dress you would like to match with. I'll try my best to design something special for you.

This pair of earring was made specially for Benny of Owl & Magical Tree House last Saturday. It was the first time I met her in person though we have read each other's blog before that. She is a very talented artist & her art work is about owls. Every owls she drawn has their own character & story.

Moonstones & blue crystals added to a pair of angel wings charm, a simple design but suits Benny's happy go lucky & down to earth personality. Glad to hear that you like them, Benny! Thanks once again for supporting MOLECULE.

**p/s: Benny has written a post on her blog about 《Flying with dreams》 - click here to read them, do check out her lovely owl inspired artwork too.

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