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All the jewelry and trinkets listed in MOLECULE are handmade with love by me. I normally produce only 1 piece per design. Item which is mark as adopted means it has been sold. However, some design can be remake, kindly refer to :[ REMAKE POSSIBLE ]: . If you see something you like in Molecule and would like to adopt it, kindly send an email to me at molecule2u{at}
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

DIY Bridal Shoe Deco

Ghost month is over and it is the 8th Month in Chinese calender now, a good month to get married. Oh yess... I'm very glad to be invited by Nan Yang Siang Pau to share on how to decorate bridal shoe. This article has been featured and in case you miss it yesterday, you can log on to to read the online version. Unfortunately, pictures showing how to DIY are only available on the news paper.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Bling Deco, another DIY I'm love. I started explore into it after watching a Taiwan Variety Show few years back. The unlimited design possibilities of these bling bling shinny rhinestones attracted me, and I went crazy decorating every trinkets I have.

Recently, I've brought in lot of rhinestones in various sizes and colours for my own consumption as well as for sale. They are available on Art Fire,
Besides, I offer deco customization service too. Anything can be bling, including handphone cases, powder cases, shoes, jewelry box, name card holders and etc etc....

If you are interested on my items or service, kindly send me an email at molecule2u{@} for quotations.

Another good news is...Molecule will have it's own article column on Nan Yang Siang Pau! I'll be sharing how to DIY jewelry as well as bling bling deco. One article will be feature every second Wednesday of the month. So...girls, if you like to handmade your own jewelry, watch out for my upcoming articles ya! Besides, If you like any of my design in this blog and want me to share how to DIY, just drop me a comment ya~


  1. You are so talented. Really salute you!!!

  2. Thanks for your compliments COJ~

  3. Wow you got your own column to share at newspaper. Congrats to your recent achievements. Keep it up!

  4. wow...ur art work is amazing. ;-)

  5. Hi, please go to my blog to learn more beading design.. Happy beading..



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