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Monday, October 19, 2009

Custom Made

I received an email from WL last week. He was looking for something special as birthday present for his beloved wife. I proposed a set of Rosie handmade jewelry set or The Princess Mirror. To my surprise, he came back confirming both my proposal. I was amazed, he told me that he always think of something special to surprise his wife, be it wedding anniversary, birthday, valentines etc etc.... So guys out there, this is a good tips ya, cause ladies always loves surprises.

Without hesitating, I start he process of decorating the mirror immediately. I thought I can do it much faster compare to the my 1st attempt. Yet it took me 3 days and nights towards the born of new Princess Mirror. Anyhow, the final product is very satisfying...hehe..(syiok sendiri)

Materials: ~3,500 pcs of 3mm & 4mm rhinestones in Hot Pink, Baby Pink and Clear studded on Mirror from Ikea.

Available upon request (MYR 128 per unit)
You may want to take a look of my 1st version of The Princess Mirror. Just click here to link to my post on Bling Deco

The Rosie Jewelry Set

To make the present for presentable, I made a special gift box in soft pink and decorated with my favorite white lace.

It took me a while to figure out how to hang this 3 piece of jewelry in a box...

Finally... oh yes!!! I found this method, I personaly love it very much!Gift box available upon request, price will be quote base on size.

1 comment:

  1. 这set的耳环,不错耶!和我那set的各有千秋~这个很高贵。^^v



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