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All the jewelry and trinkets listed in MOLECULE are handmade with love by me. I normally produce only 1 piece per design. Item which is mark as adopted means it has been sold. However, some design can be remake, kindly refer to :[ REMAKE POSSIBLE ]: . If you see something you like in Molecule and would like to adopt it, kindly send an email to me at molecule2u{at}
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Introducing Pookie Series

I got a collections of colourful and juicy acrylic beads which I bought some times ago. Some has been used for few bracelet design earlier but there's still plenty left in my beads' box. I got to thank Jocelyn from Chierr Diary whom has help in mix matching these lovely beads. I personally love the colour combinations very much when turning them into lovely bracelet. It's great to have brainstorming session like this where we can come out with more design possibilities.

Added with Love to Molecule Handmade Jewelry Collection - The Pookie Series. Why is it Pookie? It is actually the name of this cute little grey bear in the photo, a handmade sock doll from I love Unique. The bracelet in this series are young, fresh, energetic and playful; just like the character of little Pookie.

They can be easily match with any casual wear. I have only 1 piece per design, and each of them are unique. Therefore, better grab them fast if you adore them just like I do.

Emily, thank you so much for the cute Pookie bear~

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