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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A ring tutorial in next month Nan Yang Siang Pau

Relief !!!! Just submitted my latest article to Nan Yang for Molecule's DIY column which will be publish on the second Wednesday in April. What I'll be showing this time will be a tutorial on how to make a ring, using swarovski crystals and Artistic wire. So do grab a copy of Nan Yang Siang Pau on 14 April 2010.

Meanwhile...found something in my old jewelry box recently. Two small dainty ring I've made years back during my physic class, using copper wire. As you can see the wire is not very well aligned, I must have used my finger as mandrel at that time and a flat nose plier to creat the swirl. However I'll still keep them as they are my first handmade and certainly something worth to be treasured.... :)

This is a rose ring I made recently using non tarnish artistic wire after seeing Wendy Sue's tutorial. A more tidy piece after investing on a ring mandrel. Hehe...


  1. Hey Molecule,

    No English version? Can't read chinese!!!

  2. i saw u wore tat night...nice :-)

  3. Hi COJ,

    Sorry only in Chinese at this moment. I might translate them in English later, meanwhile you can refer to the tutorial's photos, I believe you'll be able to understand them :)

  4. Hi Nanny,

    Oh yes!!! You notice my rose ring that night...thanks for the compliments~

  5. hey soo mei,

    beautiful artwork!!
    keep it up yar~!

  6. Hi Allkinds,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your compliments~



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