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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beads Shopping In Singapore

I'm back from Singapore trip last weekend. It was a fun and fulfilling family trip to Resort World and Universal Studio. Though many people said that it is too small compare to the one in US, but I find it very interesting and we had lot's of fun and new exposure too.

And of course I did not miss out the opportunity to beads shopping during my stay. I took half day off from the troupe to shop around Arab Street and Peoples Park Square. Found many interesting beads, charms and parts which are not available here in KL. Just feel like buying everything back...LOL....One thing good about them is the beads and charms are pack in small pack, at least I can buy more variety with my limited budget..hehe...

Most of the shop carries a lot of Swarovski's products with full range of colours, shape and size. Really can't resist their sparkling beautiful colours. After calculating the S$ to RM exchange rate, I was glad that the price are almost the same as in Malaysia. Hence I decided to buy some Swarovski crystals and pearls, which is unique in colours, shape and more importantly they are not available here.

Here are the list of beads shop in Singapore which I've visited:-

1. Kin Lee & Co
109, Arab Street
~ Get spoiled with their choice of charms and findings

2. C. Rashiwala Bros
100, Arab Street 199796 Singapore
Tel: 629 333 85
~ Full range of Swarovski Crystals and pearls, many choices of good quality semi precious
stones too.

3. Sin Hin Chuan Kee Pte Ltd
796/798 North Bridge Road
Tel: 62988000
~ The shop sells other craft materials, besides beads and findings including ribbons, lace,

4. LG Beads Mart
01-43 People's Park Centre
Tel: 6536 7838
~ Lot's of choice for charms, findings and semi precious stones and other beads.

5. Golden Dragon Store
02-51, People's Park Centre
Tel: 6535 8234
~ They carry other craft materials besides those for beadings, many choices of Japanese seed
beads, filigrees and other metal parts.

6. Shino Beads
02-56A People's Park Centre
~ Lot's of acrylic beads, some lampwork beads, and semi precious stones.

7. Mix & Match
01-04A People Park Centre
Tel: 6532 0181
~ The claim themselves as the only Swarovski Create your style certified shop. Their range of
Swarovski crystals and pearls are really amazing. Besides, they also have many choices for
filigrees and other metal components too.

Singapore....I'll be back!!!


  1. i also owes go sg to buy material...

    u list out so many shop, so where is more cheaper?

    normally i lazy to walk, so go to people park center only~ hehe.. lg , still got buy one free one?

  2. wow~! interesting trip!
    look at those packets...
    URRGGHH... wish i can go too ^^
    mm, someday.... ha~

  3. Hi Pussycat,

    I bought things from all the shop listed here. Can't really compare the price cause each shop sell different materials.Generally People's Park is cheaper than Arab street for charms and parts. Among People's Park's shop, Golden Dragon seams to be cheapest. Yes, LG still have buy 1 free 1. But I did not buy a lot, not much time to browse through coz that's the last shop I visit.
    Among all the shop, I love Mix & Match for their Swarovski and filingrees; Kin Lee for their charms.

  4. All Kinds,

    Yes... it was very satisfying after visiting so many beads store in SG. You must go, I bet you'll certainly go crazy when you see the choices available there. ^,^

  5. I shop there only 1 times. Really wish to go again. :-)

  6. Yalor Agnes...I wish I have more S$ to carry back more goodies from there. It's really a beading heaven there.

  7. i agree! :) it's a refreshing sight to see different charms than what we have here in Msia. and the range of swarovskis there is mindblowing.

    thanks for the info about the shops at arab street. havent been there.. maybe will check it out on my next trip to sg in june. ;p



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