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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridal Jewelry Set 1

This is a custom made bridal jewelry set consist of necklace, bracelet and earrings, for a friend who is getting married next month. Made with white colour Swarovki's pearls in various size, Swarovski crystals in clear and Japanese Matsuno seed beads.

Sharing here is my story behind the making of this pearl bridal jewelry set..... It all started about more than a month ago, when a friend of mine ask me whether I'm able to make a set of bridal jewelry to match with her tube top bridal gown on her wedding day next month . Having 2 copies of her wedding photo with me, it took me 2 weeks to think of the design and 2 weeks to finally work out this sets. As this is the first time I try on bead weaving, I do not have any idea how to start it, so I took some times browsing through few books and magazines to get inspirations.

After getting the necessary beads and findings, I start experimenting how to construct a piece of pearl necklace, with "simple and elegant" concept in mind. After few round of trial and error deciding the beads combination, and ways to string the beads together; here's my finalised piece for the bride to be.

Through the making process, I made many mistake due to rushing, like short of 1 bead or 1 bead extra at the position where it was not suppose to be, and the most sickening part is only to find out the mistakes after completing the whole piece. You may not believe, I have re-strung the necklace nearly 10 times before this necklace was born... LOL......

From this experience, I came to a conclusion that bead weaving is a beading technique that require lots of patient, and rushing for completion is certainly a big no no. Anyway, after completing them, I finally see light from at the end of tunnel, to remake another similar piece will be pretty easy in future. However, I still love challenges, and I look forward to make the next piece in different design.


  1. nice one dear..:) can you make a set for me bcos an online mag told me few mnths ago they can review for me if i hv a bridal set.make sthing diff.

  2. Ok, no problem dear. PM you later.

  3. sell gold online

    Actually i like it.....The Design are simple and pretty.....!! How can i Buy this ?? Reply..??

  4. Hi Sell Gold,
    Thanks for your interest in my handmades. Do send me an email so that I can reply you will the details.

  5. These is very nice pearl set. Do you still remake? How much would you sell for the set i.e. earing, braclet & necklace?

  6. Hi Hoh,

    Thanks for your compliment. Yes, I can still remake this piece. Kindly send me an email so that I can quote you the price.



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