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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nostalgic Cape Town

Making this bracelet brought back a lot of memories from South Africa. I was very fortunate to be part of a Siddhartha The Musicals Troupe, where we were invited to perform in 3 different city in South Africa back in 2002. Together with the Troupe, I've traveled from Johannesburg to Durban and Cape Town. To me, Cape Town is probably the best city and among the three; till today I can still remember very clearly its beautiful scenery, cultures, peoples, arts, flea markets and many more.

One good afternoon after our performance, few of us troupe member decided browse around Cape Town's most famous flea market, Greenmarket Square. Before we could even shop for anything, a beggar appear in front of us. Without thinking twice, we run for our life. Why we run, simply because we were advise earlier to stay away from them, to prevent any unnecessary troubles. The beggar kept chasing us till we stop inside a craft shop nearby. That's where I got few vintage jewelry and accessories, one of them is this lovely charm. Thanks to the poor beggar, if it wasn't him, I wouldn't have found so many treasure there.

Therefore, I name this bracalet Nostalgic Cape Town. It's a limited edition item in Molecule's Collection. From tomorrow onwards, a new owner will take care of it. I'm glad that she is my best pal found in my South Africa de tour. Louise, may this bracalet and our sweet memories of South Africa be with you forever.~♥♡♥~


  1. 哈哈!看着它我会发自内心的微笑,真的!除了我喜欢你的设计,就因为它有着南非的记忆!它以后就是我们珍贵友谊的象征!!!对不起我要让你割爱,相对地,谢谢你让我拥有它内含的爱!^.^

  2. I like the charm.Very nice.It's funny and ironic how you found your many treasures because of one beggar.

    Have been keeping track of your blog and I must say that your work are all very simple and nice.

  3. Thanks Cleo, sometimes I believe it's faith. I bought this charm in 2002 and have not done anything with it, Till recently when I start my beading hobby. I'm glad to be able to add this treasure in my handmade jewelry



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